Moorditj Keila is a non for profit organisation which over a decade ago started through a group of dedicated local Aboriginal people who wanted to start up a range of activities that would support and encourage individuals, especially children.  Along with the support of City of South Perth and Southcare Inc Moorditj Keila have developed and have been able to secure grants to help with their endeavours for expansion and sustainability  Our Vision Moorditj Keila's Vision is to develop the capacity of the Aboriginal community in partnership with the broader community to empower individuals and families to build a community of trust, engagement and participation for the mutual benefit of all. Our Mission Moorditj Keila offer caring support to empower Aboriginal women, men, children and families to build healthy relationships in a community of trust. We promote safe and happy live for Aboriginal people through community support programs, such as:
  • Elders Group
  • Breakfast Program
  • Community Camps
  • Women's Groups
  • Youth Outreach services
  • Healthy Lifestyle Program
Moorditj Kiela Coordinator: Brigette Michael Moorditj Keila Basketball Coordinator: Honey Webb Moorditj Keila's Board of Members are:

Dena Gower (Chairperson)

Garry Gower (Secretary

Kerry Ann Winmar

Grahame Faulkner

Keren Masters

James Best