Senior Ministers Garry and Dena Gower: Garry with his wife Dena Gower have been married for 17 years and have 8 Children and 22 grandchildren.  Garry and Dena are two of the six founders of Moorditj Keila who have both worked within Aboriginal affairs both in the Manning/Karawara area and broader. Garry and Dena have addressed all levels of disadvantage currently facing Aboriginal people and both have put in hundreds of volunteer hours a year to keep the issue of local Aboriginal disadvantage on the agenda. Garry and Dena work to keep the Aboriginal voice strong and they both do this through the Moorditj Keila Ministry of the women’s group, Basketball Club and other ministry outreach programs Garry and Denas’s passion is for the ministry is to building community and developing leaders within the Aboriginal Community and to provide caring and supportive services modelled on Christian principles and beliefs to people who may be disadvantaged by age, sickness, handicap, unemployment, poverty, distress, despair, misfortune, homelessness, social or familial stress or other circumstances and assist them to improve their situation. Moorditj Keila Ministry Outreach is effective through uniting with our partners who are: Australian Churches of Christ Global Missions Partner Indigenous Ministries Australia Lifestreams Christian Church South Perth Perth City Church of Christ Joint Heirs Band Ministry Leadership Team: Garry and Dena Gower, Brigette Michael, John Rutherford, Nola Bolton Contact us on: (08) 61436020 or Ministry outreach Mission: “We help people find and follow Jesus” Moorditj Keila Coordinator Brigette Michaels Baptism brigette-2 The reason I chose to be baptized? In my many years of living in sin in the world of today, I needed something more in my life apart from my children. Who I love with all my heart I still didn’t feel complete. − The relationships I had with the men in my life somehow didn’t last very long − The many friends I had though the years was only though drugs and alcohol they were never there for me when times got hard. − Family only came to see me when it was in their intentions, to ask for something they needed. So, when I needed someone to talk to about my life’s problems no -one was there to listen. THE REASON I CHOSE JESUS CHRIST IN MY HEART? Before I chose Jesus Christ in my heart he was the only one, I really spoke to about my life’s problems. I’ve always known he would always be there to hear my cry when I needed him the most. During the years I would run back and forward because I thought I needed the things that the world provided to make me complete and happy but it never did. My two-beautiful sister would tell me that I should give my life to the lord Jesus Christ. I knew in my heart I needed my lord Jesus Christ in my life so I chose to be baptized though Paster Mark at the Livestream Church were my family and Christian friends came to share with me becoming reborn in Jesus Christ name that night I became a new woman living for my lord Jesus word though becoming a Christian woman. The Lord’s Prayer in Nyoongar Ngaala Maaman ngiyan yira moonbooli moonlooka Our Father who is above and beyond everything Kooranyi noonak kori. Noonak waangk yoowarl koorl Holy and sacred is your name. Your word will come here. Birdiyar ngaala boodja noonook warn noonak kootanyi kaalak, And be boss on your ground as you do in your holy and sacred home. Nyinyak nyinyak nidja kedela ngaala mereny Give us this day our daily bread. Nyinya nyinyak ngaalang ngaala wara waariny Forgive us our bad doings Ngaalak nyinya nyinyak baalang ngiyan warn wara ngaalang We forgive them who do bad to us. Yoowart koori ngaalang moort-moort djooroot Don’t take us to the struggling path Maaman maar barabg ngaalang, djenak yoowart barang ngaalang Father hold us so the devil doesn’t get us Noonak waangk birdiyar Your word is boss Noonak moorditji, noonook ngaangk yira You are strong, you are the rising sun Kalyokool, kalykool For ever and ever Kaya Amen [Translated by the Nyoonga Elders from southern Western Australia]